1 Repsol sun
Olga García and Álex Paz have created dynamic, free cuisine drawing on the freshest seasonal produce, alongside an eclectic, extensive wine menu specially paired with the different dishes on offer. Fuentelgato has created an oasis and is a major player in the rebirth of the Cuenca highlands culinary scene.

Repsol Sun Award
The Setos Hotel and Restaurant offers a perfect spot for unwinding in the Manchuela Conquense province of Cuenca, ideal for visiting the local capital. Noteworthy tourist attractions include Alarcón or the Hoces del Río Cabriel, in addition to traditional cuisine. The roast suckling goat, pork chops and game are recommended. Fusion cuisine featuring dishes with Moroccan and Cuban influences are also on the menu.
Hotel Restaurante Setos Hotel Restaurante Setos Hotel Restaurante Setos
CLM Culinary Award
At Las Provincias, discover a world of flavours all representative of high-quality cooking. Chef Carlos Carretero's kitchen combines cuisine and ambience, with the restaurant featuring warm, welcoming décor and lighting with quintessential Toledo-style exposed brick walls.

Carretera Toledo Alcázar, 58
925 48 20 00

Las Provincias Las Provincias Las Provincias
At Miami Gastro, chef and owner Laura Macias dishes up a daring culinary offering, rooted in traditional cuisine.
A wide range of tapas and main dishes, in a modern environment, with the finest food Castilla-La Mancha has to offer.
Ciudad Real

Av. del Rey Santo, 2
926 92 11 94

Miami Gastro Miami Gastro Miami Gastro
CLM Culinary Award
Alfonso Beltrán currently oversees the culinary magic passed down from generation to generation, brimming with experience and know-how, creating one of the market’s leading catering options. The ‘Beltrán' family has been delighting sophisticated diners for three generations.

Calle Batalla de Brunete, 7
925 57 44 25 –  617 437 894

Beltrán Beltrán Beltrán
Chef Vicente Navarro focuses heavily on Manchegan cuisine, particularly on stews reminiscent of our mothers’ and grandmothers’ cooking.
He emphasises seasonal and market cuisine drawing heavily on top quality raw materials.

Calle Caldereros, 13

Caldereros Caldereros Caldereros
A restaurant serving traditional La Mancha cuisine, where chefs Jesús García Muñoz and Milagros Camacho bring back traditional dishes with a personal, unique touch. Specialists in game dishes such as rice with partridge, venison, and wild boar stews. The chefs also excel in grilled meats, such a local La Mancha lamb.
Villanueva de San Carlos

Calle Alameda, 34, La Alameda
926 87 91 69

La Encomienda La Encomienda La Encomienda
Recommended in the Michelin Guide
Antonio and Ana launched their restaurant in Albacete in 1994 after many years working in their hometown of Pozo Cañada. Nowadays, the third generation is following in the footsteps of the Rosendo family, who have always worked in the catering sector. Raw materials underpin chef Antonio Ródenas's cuisine, along with a close knit, lasting relationship with his diners.

Calle Concepción, 5
967 52 43 50

asador concepcion asador concepcion asador concepcion
1 Repsol sun
Clandestine cuisine from a tapas menu where fresh local ingredients dish up an informal and tasty culinary offering. Owner Diego Ferreo and chef José Manuel Galledo’s slogan is: “Make our friends enjoy our creations.”

Calle Tendillas 3, 45004 Toledo
925 22 59 25

La Clandestina La Clandestina La Clandestina
1 Repsol sun
Only a few names are responsible for culinary innovation in Toledo. One such chef is Víctor Sanchez Beato, from highly regarded restaurant Locum, who just over a year ago created a novel concept for the city: a bar for show cooking.

Alamillos del Tránsito, 9 Toledo 45002

Victor Sanchez Beato Victor Sanchez Beato Victor Sanchez Beato
An impressive record spanning over 25 years, offering the finest raw materials, seasonal products, fresh fish, and seafood of the day alongside stunning roasts with suckling lamb and pig, have resulted in San Huberto becoming a cult destination for celebrations of every kind: family events, business lunches and meals with friends. Chef Juan Alfonso Olivencia dishes up a first-class culinary experience in a cosy atmosphere.

Calle Montiel s/n 13004 Ciudad Real
926 92 35 35


Asador San Huberto Asador San Huberto Asador San Huberto
1 Repsol sun, Michelin-Recommended, Madrid Fusion 2021 Revelation Chef Award
Young chefs Javier Sanz and Juan Sahuquillo, born in Casas-Ibáñez, have been friends since childhood, and are now colleagues. They now run the kitchen at Cañitas Maite, a family business where the new generation is shining bright thanks to the two talented, bold young chefs. Cañitas features a modern, bright dining room with several options for diners: local produce menu, tapas, rice dishes and hamburgers, and a takeaway service. The restaurant’s hallmark is first class raw materials and a refined, creative cuisine with careful attention to detail.

C\ Tomás Pérez Úbeda, 6
967 461 054

Hotel Restaurante Cañitas Alcachofas Hotel Cañitas Javier Sanz y Juan Sahuquillo Hotel Restaurante Cañitas Arroz
CLM Culinary Award, Recommended in the Repsol Guide
La Muralla, with Dolores Gil as head chef, serves up a wide range of regional dishes steeped in local Cuenca tradition. Offering a variety of Castilian dishes, a delicious selection of desserts and an extensive local wine list, a tasting menu and mushroom and game dishes when in season.

Carretera Valdemeca, Nº 20
969 346 299


Restaurante La Muralla Restaurante La Muralla Restaurante La Muralla
1 Michelin star, CLM Culinary Award
Jose Antonio Medina defines his cuisine as “sotobosque”: blending mountains with lowland Manchegan cuisine. His dishes take pride in local La Mancha produce. Run by chef José Antonio Molina, this restaurant is nestled in the heart of a hunting estate in the Montiel countryside, with spectacular views and a charming fireplace.

Paraje Tejeras Viejas, s/n.
649 842 901
926 359 200    

Restaurante Coto de Quevedo Restaurante Coto de Quevedo Restaurante Coto de Quevedo
1 Michelin star, 2 Repsol suns, CLM Culinary Award
El Doncel, headed by chef Enrique Pérez, was the first restaurant in Guadalajara to earn a Michelin star. Housed in an old mansion with massive 18th century stone walls, creative cuisine blending local produce with other, harder-to-find ingredients, is dished up. Also noteworthy is the carefully curated wine cellar that Eduardo Pérez has built over time.

Paseo de la Alameda, 3
Sigüenza, Guadalajara
Tlf. 949 39 00 01



El doncel El doncel El doncel
2** Michelin stars, 2 Repsol suns, CLM Culinary Award
La Mancha cuisine, reborn and personalised. Respecting taste and local produce as an icon. Chef Fran Martínez and his wife Cristina Díaz, sommelier and head waitress, have turned their family-run restaurant into a culinary temple. Game, gazpacho, local garlic dishes, mushrooms, red mullet, and pickled fish are some of the most noteworthy dishes on the tasting menu, with deep roots in La Mancha’s culinary traditions.

Calle Violeta Parra, 5
Almansa, Albacete
Tlf. 967 31 23 26



Maralba Maralba Maralba
2 Michelin stars, 3 Repsol suns
Technique and creativity from Iván Cerdeño. In an idyllic setting on the banks of the Tajo River, located on the oldest estate in Toledo, Cerdeño puts forward his culinary offering, drawing on the essence of the local region, with vegetables and game taking centre stage. Highlights include dishes such as garlic soup reinvented as fritters, pickled partridge bon bon and pheasant hotpot

Cigarral de Ángel
Carretera de la Puebla, s/n
+34 925 223 674



ivan cerdeño ivan cerdeño ivan cerdeño
1 Michelin star, 2 Repsol suns, CLM Culinary Award
El Bohío, a temple for Spanish cuisine, is home to simple, humble, produce-based cuisine. Pepe Rodríguez, a true media star, runs the show. The restaurant features popular recipes including ‘pringá de cocido’ (slow cooked beef/pork hotpot), morteruelo (a pâté originating from Cuenca) and partridge.

Avenida de Castilla-La Mancha, 81
+34 925 511 126



Bohio Bohio Bohio
1 Michelin star, 1 Repsol sun, CLM Culinary Award
Trivio is the work of chef Jesús Segura, who dishes up a unique take on the local cuisine. He has sought to reinvent, update, and breathe new life into the heart of local products, techniques, and flavours alongside his team since opening in 2015. Don’t miss the ham croquettes and Russian salad.

Calle Colón, 25 
+34  969 03 05 93



Trivio Trivio Trivio
1 Michelin star, 1 Repsol sun
Just an hour from Madrid and located in a 15th century windmill, the Molino de Alcuneza hotel and restaurant is a major attraction in Guadalajara.
Chef Samuel Moreno has designed thoughtful cuisine bursting with creativity, excellent taste, and the expertise of a master craftsman. Recommended dishes include the pickled meats, mushrooms, and game.

Carretera Alboreca, km 0,5 
+34  949 391 501



Molino Alcuneza Molino Alcuneza Molino Alcuneza
1 Michelin star, 1 Repsol sun
Miguel Ángel Expósito offers innovative cuisine drawing on tradition and local influences. Culinary offerings with a unique identity, where local recipes and products fuse with techniques and flavours from other cultures to create short gastronomic stories to add emotion to every mouthful. A place to enjoy the authentic flavours of the land, with decoration blending fine wood from oak and olive trees, flowers, and native plants with the latest interior design trends.

La Caminera Club de Campo
+34 926 344 733



Retama Retama Retama
1 Repsol sun, Michelin Bib Gourmand, CLM Culinary Award
At Azafrán, Teresa Gutiérrez has created cuisine with its roots in La Mancha and a subtle modern touch, employing local produce including fruit, vegetables and mushrooms, regional lamb, sheep's milk cheeses and small game meats.

Avda. Reyes Católicos, 71 
+34 967 14 52 98
+34 633 15 00 90



1 Repsol sun, Michelin Bib Gourmand, CLM Culinary Award
The García Castro siblings oversee the three pillars of this destination: Kitchen, dining room and wine cellar, while keeping an ever-watchful eye on the culinary offering. Vegetable gardens play a major role here. Stews and game are the mainstays of the menu/tasting menu designed by chef Aurora García. In short: cuisine drawing on tradition while looking to the future.

Calle Severo Ochoa, 6
+34 926 256 050



Meson Octavio Meson Octavio Meson Octavio
1 Repsol sun, 1 Michelin star, CLM Culinary Award
Located in old stables in Cuenca’s old town. Raff invites diners to explore local history and traditions through recipes, smells, flavours, and textures. The menu, designed by chef Jose Ignacio Herráiz, draws heavily on traditional cuisine but adds a modern twist without losing any of the essence of the dishes.

Calle San Pedro, 58
+34 969 690 855



Raff San Pedro Raff San Pedro Raff San Pedro
1 Repsol sun
The restaurant, run by María Gonzalez and headed by chef Roberto Rodriguez, dishes up highly technical fusion cuisine, drawing on a range of seasonal, Spanish, and international products. A culinary offering defined as: “Delicately energetic, strong colours and provocative flavours.” Menu/tasting menu available, the latter featuring five courses with the option of tailoring to each specific case.

Plaza Mayor, 15
+34 949 250485



Las llaves Las llaves Las llaves
1 Repsol sun, Michelin Bib Gourmand
A gastronomic space run by chef Jorge Maestro and located in the Casa del Doncel in Sigüenza, featuring top quality and dashes of haute cuisine. The menu draws heavily on local produce and seeks to reinvent traditional dishes. A la carte, set menus and group menus are available.

Plaza San Vicente
+34 949 39 32 46



Nola Nola Nola
Recommended in the Repsol Guide
Carlos Gumiel's culinary offering draws heavily on nature, blending traditional Spanish cuisine with Japanese, Mexican and Peruvian influences. The restaurant fuses contrasts, colours, and references from around the world.

Calle Cuesta San Miguel, 5 
+34 949 89 43 08



biosfera biosfera biosfera
Michelin Bib Gourmand
Cuenca cuisine reborn is the name of the game at Nelia. Chef Javier Herráiz represents the third generation of this family-run restaurant. The menu’s highlights include pig’s trotters and cod with ratatouille from La Mancha.

Carretera Cuenca Tragacete, km. 21
+34 969 28 10 21
646 968 761



Meson Melia Meson Melia Meson Melia
A cosy, sea-themed tapas bar and a more laid-back dining room with chef Alvaro Lapole running the show in the kitchen. This iconic restaurant’s speciality is fried seafood and Iberian products. The top-quality raw materials are noteworthy.

Calle Miguel Hernández, 7 
+34 925 824 570



El Estu El Estu El Estu
Award for the best catering in Castilla la Mancha
Open since 1993, Ruiz de Luna run by Fernando Fernández with chef José Miguel del Castillo in the kitchen is famed for its traditional cuisine with a touch of the avant-garde, always bringing out the finest flavours of La Mancha. The large spaces for events, terrace and catering service are first class.

Avda. de la Constitución, 7
+34 925 81 89 95
+34 616 92 26 69



ruiz de luna ruiz de luna ruiz de luna
1 Repsol sun, CLM Culinary Award
Adolfo’s motto is: Respect for local produce, where the most creative cuisine blends with surprising flavours: red partridge, river eel, etc., which are best experienced in person. Both set menus and à la carte menu are available.

Calle Hombre de Palo, 7
+34 925 227 321
+34 639 938 140



Adolfo Adolfo Adolfo
1 Repsol sun, CLM Culinary Award
This family restaurant run by chef Guadalupe Cepera offers traditional dishes and recipes featuring ingredients from the establishment’s own garden. Therefore, vegetables, fruits and game are the stars of the show at Casa Parrilla.

Avda. de Toledo, 1
+34 925 418 207



Casa Parilla Casa Parilla Casa Parilla
1 Repsol sun, Michelin Bib Gourmand
Homemade cuisine free from artificial flavours, based on sourcing good produce in season. The restaurant’s bread is famous: guaranteed quality and head chef Jesús Monedero’s star creation.

Calle Mayor, 12 
+34 925 130 045



Palio Palio Palio
1 Michelin star, 1 Repsol sun
Freshness, innovation, revolution, and vitality are some of the adjectives that describe Carlos Maldonado's cuisine, which draws on Castilla la Mancha’s traditional gastronomy with hints of Mexican fusion cuisine. Winner of several awards including a Michelin Star in 2020, it is currently among the top ten restaurants in Spain.

Ronda del Canillo, 3 
+34 671 42 21 15



raices Raices Raices
1 Repsol sun, Recommended in the Michelin Guide
A passion for cuisine and an experienced team led by Chef Jesús Hernández have created Tierra’s menu. This offers a journey exploring traditional local dishes with dashes of modernity based on a quest for local identity with the finest seasonal products, which change frequently.

Carretera CM-4100 km 9 
+34 925 45 75 34



Tierra Tierra Tierra
Michelin Bib Gourmand, Recommended in the Repsol Guide
At Olea Comedor, chef Eduardo Albiol prioritises flavour above all else. The restaurant reflects his personal vision of the local region’s culinary traditions, fused with the team's international influences. Their dishes feature Mediterranean and Asian flavours.

Avda. Castilla-La Mancha, 3
+34 628 85 97 42



Olea Comedor Olea Comedor Olea Comedor
Michelin Bib Gourmand, Recommended in the Repsol Guide
A culinary offering strongly influenced by Manchegan tradition, featuring signature flashes of brilliance from chef Carlos Ortega, nestled next to legendary windmills. With different spaces, including traditional caves for tapas, or the terrace with panoramic views of the village and the old town, offering one of Castilla-La Mancha’s most beautiful natural spots.

Calle Barbero, 3 
+34 926 589 191



Las Musas Las Musas Las Musas
Recommended in the Repsol Guide
A five-time world champion pizza chef, Jesús Marquina, runs this restaurant. The grandmaster defines his dishes as “haute cuisine pizza”. Top quality ingredients, technique, harmony, and creativity stand out.

Avda. Don Antonio Huertas, 47
+34 926 514 666



Marquinetti Marquinetti 02 Marquinetti
Recommended in the Repsol Guide
Located in a beautiful spot on the abutment of an old 16th century bridge, with a viewing platform for twelve people. At this restaurant, which boasts magnificent views of the Tajo River, chef Matías Seijas offers high quality home cooking with delicious stews and fresh fish.

Plaza de la Diputación, 1 
+34 949 375 112



abuela maravillas abuela maravillas abuela maravillas
CLM Culinary Award
Asador Palencia is nestled in Toledo’s historic centre, next to the Cathedral. With a menu drawing on traditional recipes such as suckling pig, lamb, partridge and fresh fish, the restaurant also offers a delicious range of hotpots (changed weekly). ‘Cocido castellano’ and ‘fabada asturiana’ (different hotpots), beans with clams, tripe with chickpeas, and white beans with partridge are some chef Tomás Palencia’s signature dishes.

Calle Nuncio Viejo, 6
+34 925 25 67 46



Asador Palencia de Lara Asador Palencia de Lara Asador Palencia de Lara
Recommended in the Repsol Guide
Located in La Solana’s main square, next to the historical centre. Chef Jose Manuel Araque has created a culinary offering featuring the finest local produce. Manchego lamb, from their own farm, is one of the star dishes. Bold, fresh, unique, and tasty cuisine.

Plaza Mayor, esquina C/Don Jorge
+34 926 63 19 36



La casota La casota La casota
Recommended in the Repsol Guide
Cuisine drawing heavily on produce from the local market: vegetables and fruit from the allotment, regional meats, and fish from the markets in Vigo and Huelva. Chef Dolores Rubio's culinary offering draws on local traditions.

Autovía de Andalucía, pk. 197
+34 926 32 32 08



La aguzadera La aguzadera La aguzadera
CLM Culinary Award, Recommended in the Repsol Guide
La Rebotica is housed in an old home with an underground wine cellar. Its seasonal cuisine is split across two menus, mycological and game, both bursting with quintessentially Manchegan flavours. The reasonably priced wine menu is also noteworthy. Chef Ángeles Terradez has created a first-class culinary experience.

Calle Iglesia, 27
+34 969 348 024



La Rebotica La Rebotica La Rebotica
Bib Gourmand, Recommended in the Repsol Guide, CLM Culinary Award
Granero is a family-run restaurant open for over 50 years. Throughout its history, owner and chef Jose Antonio Pintado has updated his culinary offerings depending on the season. Tasting menus and à la carte are available.

Calle San Fernando, 90
+34 925 18 02 38
+34 679 979 589


Granero Granero Granero
Recommended in the Repsol Guide, National Manchego Cheesecake Award for 2021
Divided into a restaurant and gastrobar where the finest products and traditional cuisine with avant-garde flair take centre stage. The highlights of Toño Navarro's cuisine include pork chops, fresh fish and torreznos (a fried bacon snack).

Avda. Adolfo Suárez,30
+34 969 322 397



Essentia Essentia Essentia
Recommended in the Repsol Guide
Traditional fare featuring vegetables from the restaurant’s own garden, veg from local producers and products such as cod, roe meatballs and pig’s cheeks. With chef Silvia Prieto in charge of the kitchen, Cenador de las Monjas offers a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for enjoying a complete gastronomic experience.

Convento de San José s. XVI,
Travesía de Inés, 1 
+34 949 370 101



Cenador de las monjas Cenador de las monjas Cenador de las monjas
CLM Culinary Award, Recommended in the Repsol Guide
Nestled in a beautiful location with views of the Hoz del Huécar, this restaurant has been home for Jose Luis Perales for over 20 years. El Figón del Huécar, with Mercedes Torres running the show and Angel Gomes in the kitchen, offers a wide range of dishes and menus featuring Spanish and regional La Mancha cuisine to enjoy all year round.

Ronda Julián Romero, 6
+34 969 240 062



Figon de Huecar Figon de Huecar Figon de Huecar
Recommended in the Repsol Guide
Run by chef Raúl Barroso, Las Esparteras features a bar and grill area. Main courses and mixed dishes can be ordered at the bar, and specialities include roast suckling pig and lamb. A store also sells traditional and gourmet products.

Autovía del suroeste, 47 
+34 918 170 932



Las Esparteras Las Esparteras Las Esparteras
Recommended in the Michelin Guide, Recommended in the Repsol Guide, CLM Culinary Award
A project from the Lahoz Turégano family offering constantly evolving cuisine blending local roots and innovation. All dishes on the menu/tasting menu are cooked up by Rubén Sanchez in a kitchen open to the public.

Paseo Ramón Ugena, 15 
+34 926 16 12 22



Epilogo Epilogo Epilogo
Recommended in the Michelin Guide, Recommended in the Repsol Guide
A family-owned restaurant currently run by Diego and Pedro, the founders’ children. The eatery has a bar and lounge. The bar dishes up classic Spanish tapas prepared by chefs Encarna Tornero and Jose Moreno, including cured local tuna, red mullet roe and cured pork.

Calle de las Noria, 10
+34 967 340 007



pincelín pincelín pincelín
Recommended in the Repsol Guide
Chef Esmeralda Peña heads the Borbollón restaurant, dishing up a culinary experience drawing heavily on market cuisine rooted in Spanish and Toledan tradition. The highlight? The seasonal change of menu comes highly recommended.

Calle Pablo Neruda, 12
+34 925 775 263
Restaurante El Borbollón



Borbollon Borbollon Borbollon
Recommended in the Repsol Guide
A restaurant with multiple rooms, bursting with history. Chef Juan Antonio Moreno Sánchez dishes up a culinary offering steeped in La Mancha tradition, drawing on local markets and with a wine list featuring regional and national wines. Rice dishes, stews and a wide range of meat and fish.

Calle Guzmán el Bueno, 18 
+34 967 21 11 38



El Callejon El Callejon El Callejon
Recommended in the Repsol Guide
The rebirth, defence, and promotion of the finest traditional Manchegan cuisine since 1967. The dishes served up by chef Jose Clemente embrace tradition through well-balanced, humble, and hearty cuisine drawing heavily on essential regional products.

Calle Alcalde Conangla, 102
+34 967 24 33 73



Nuestro Bar Nuestro Bar Nuestro Bar
Michelin Bib Gourmand, Recommended in the Repsol Guide, CLM Culinary Award
A restaurant opened in 1982, with several areas. Its noteworthy tapas menu offers a delicious modern take on traditional Manchegan cuisine. Chef Juan Enrique Gil's must-try offerings include lamb shoulder and his rice dishes.

Calle Baños, 2
+34 967 23 97 85



don gil don gil don gil
CLM Culinary Award
Restaurant located in the inn of the same name, created in 1937 and renovated in 2002. With over 80 years of experience and after being passed down over three generations, Apelio Garcia now offers traditional home cooking where flavours and experience stand out.

C/ Real de arriba, 1
+34 925 32 04 19



Apelio Apelio Apelio
CLM Culinary Award
Chef Román Asensio López is at the helm of Casa Román. Stews, hotpots, and traditional cuisine, passed on from generation to generation, are among the restaurant's highlights. Local hotpots, bean stews, gruel or migas (a classic Spanish dish made with breadcrumbs and leftovers) all come recommended.

Av. del Reguero, 18
+34 665 52 82 59



Casa Roman Casa Roman Casa Roman
A wine tourism destination. CLM Culinary Award
A benchmark for Castilla-La Mancha gastronomy and market cuisine can be found at La Estacada. The aim is to delight both the eye and the palate. Chef Roberto Hidalgo's cuisine is creative but with traditional roots, drawing on carefully curated raw materials prepared with the utmost care and presented in innovative fashion.
La Estacada La Estacada La Estacada
CLM Culinary Award
Fábrica de Harinas (Flour Factory) is named after the original use of the building now housing the Hotel San Juan de los Reyes, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest. The restaurant is famed for its traditional Toledan dishes. Chef Isaïas Lázaro uses top quality raw materials and offers an á la carte menu as well as three set menus: Tradition, Regal and Tasting.

Calle de los Reyes Católicos, 5
+34 925 28 35 49



Fabrica de Harinas Fabrica de Harinas Fabrica de Harinas
CLM Culinary Award
A small spot in Albacete where diners can sample a unique take on quintessential La Mancha cuisine, with the same traditional flavours but innovative presentation from the talented Antonio and Paco Cuerda.
Cuerda offers a quiet, friendly, and professional ambience for enjoying a wide range of cuisine and an extensive wine menu, with designation of origin.

Calle Gracia, 8
+34 967 21 54 90



Cuerda Cuerda Cuerda
CLM Culinary Award
La Alacena has capacity for 280 diners, 4 reserved areas and a large terrace with views of Toledo. Throughout the year, the restaurant offers culinary events including Galician Cuisine and Seafood Days in November, rice dishes and Mediterranean cuisine days, events celebrating mushrooms and Northern Cuisine days in March. Chef Benito Gómez's cuisine draws inspiration from traditional recipes with unbeatable products.

C/ Concilios de Toledo, 2
+34 925 26 91 00
Restaurante La Alacena



La Alacena La Alacena La Alacena
Michelin Bib Gourmand, CLM Culinary Award
Under chef Jorge Susinos, Martina is a cosy spot with a strong culinary tradition. Offering an extensive menu, traditional recipes blend perfectly with modern creations where local produce takes centre stage. An interesting glass bar provides another highlight, where toast-based tapas are the star dishes.

Calle la Noria, 8
+34 657 09 76 06



La Martina La Martina La Martina
CLM Culinary Award
Nestled in the heart of La Mancha, the restaurant has blended tradition, creativity, and the rebirth of local cuisine since opening in April 2003. Chef Ezequiel Ciorraga, from the Basque Country but now residing in wine territory par excellence, has been running the kitchen for over 13 years. The rice dishes come highly recommended.

Calle Cristo, 67
+34  926 31 61 76



Fonda de Alberto Fonda de Alberto Fonda de Alberto
At Casa Marlo, chef Mari Paz Martinez has created signature cuisine, also drawing on traditional recipes from the Cuenca region. Don’t miss the following dishes: Strips of beef on Jabugo ham with Manchego cheese sauce, fresh anchovies marinated in apple vinegar and chive oil, fresh cod confit with garlic oil and Biscayan sauce or crispy boneless and fat-free pig's trotters. These are just a few of their specialities.

Calle Colón, 41
+34 969 21 11 73



Marlo Marlo Marlo
CLM Culinary Award
A traditional roasted meat restaurant specialising in roast suckling pig. The menu also includes highly recommended dishes such as ‘migas castellanas’ (a dish made with breadcrumbs and chorizo), ‘duelos y quebrantos’ (chorizo, bacon, and eggs), local ratatouille, leek and prawn pastry, lamb’s lettuce and goat’s cheese salad, and a total of 33 starters, with others available seasonally. Ana, Susana, and Beatriz Garcia Cortijo invite diners to enjoy their restaurant’s exquisite cuisine.

Travesía Mesones, 5
+34  692 16 04 10



Asador Pocholo Asador Pocholo Asador Pocholo
CLM Culinary Award
Quality produce underpins Emilio's cuisine. Chef Jose García's culinary offerings focus on the region’s cultural richness, and a tradition of dishes made using the finest local products, but also fusing modern trends.

Carr. De Jaén, 23 
+34  967 30 15 80
683 170 063



Emilio Emilio Emilio
CLM Culinary Award
El Rincón de la Almazara is a quiet restaurant featuring carefully selected products. The cuisine is traditional but also seeks innovation. Homemade combinations including an exquisite duck steamed in a port reduction, delicious roast lamb, fallow deer loin or cod with stew and red peppers are just some of the recommendations from chef Mariano Pedraza.

Calle Victoria, 17
+34 925 32 12 99



Rincon de la Almazara Rincon de la Almazara Rincon de la Almazara